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Do you want a custom-made kitchen knife? Especially for you. I will be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you. I could guide you for the shape of the blade, the choice of steels and the types of wood for the handle. During the process, I will periodically send you photos of the progress of your blade.

Choice of blade shape

It is important to define what your need is. A sturdy chef's knife, a nakiri for greens or a gyuto.

What type of handle assembly are you looking for? A European type or Japanese type.


Choice of steel type

We can work with carbon steels and some types of stainless steels. According to your desires, we can offer you damascus steel patterns created by us: random, raindrop, twisted.


Choice of materials for the handle

The choice of materials for knife handles is limitless. We mainly work with wood stabilized by resin injection (local or exotic). We can also use buffalo horn or bone. The most exotic being undoubtedly the stabilized mammoth molar.

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